Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Assassin's Creed Still PS3 Exclusive.

With gaming circles drooling over the next-generation launch of Assassin's creed we are still unsure which consoles it will be available for.

X360 owners have been anxious since they caught wind of the game coming to their next-gen console and although it wasn't actually officially announced for the 360 in a press release, it has been widely rumoured in the gaming community that Assassin's Creed will come the X360 at some point.

However, a Community Manager from Ubisoft under the name of 'UbiRazz' has slated the matter of Assassins Creed for the X360.

"Ubisoft have confirmed no such thing. Assassin's Creed will come on PS3 and at this time, no other platform has been confirmed". said UbiRazz.

This is great news for PS3. If you hav'nt seen the PS3 trailer of the game yet, I just happen to have it to wet your appetite.

Coming to a PS3 early 2007.


SUPRAMAN84 said...

Another Ubi executive confirmed that it was coming to the 360, gg posted the link some time ago.

PS3 Fan said...

This is the latest article on Assassins Creed from Ubisoft,And its not on X360 only PS3.X360 version is probably another 6-12 months off.