Monday, July 24, 2006

Nvidia CEO Confident In PS3.

Jen-Hsun Huang said that his company, which is supplying the RSX GPU for the PlayStation 3, is in a good position to ride the success of what he imagines will be a highly-regarded platform.

Takahashi asked if Nvidia “chose the right horse in the videogame war” this time around (Nvidia supplied the GPU for the original Xbox, while rival ATI supplies the GPU for the Xbox 360 and the upcoming Nintendo Wii).

Huang responded, “…I don't think that working with Sony is wrong. There is no way that is going to be wrong. There are many wonderful things that Sony did. I'm excited that they made Blu-ray high-definition storage as a standard part of the PlayStation 3 platform. The first PlayStation had a CD-ROM drive. The PlayStation 2 had DVD. It makes no sense for the PlayStation 3 to use DVDs. ..."

He continued, “To postpone it by a few months so they could include Blu-Ray was a master stroke. When that comes out, it's going to look so much more advanced than last-generation game consoles. I think that was a wonderful call on their part".

In relation to the PlayStation 3’s competitors, Huang said that the PS3 will have greater lasting power than the Xbox 360 thanks to Blu-ray, making the high (and highly-criticized) cost worth it to consumers.“PlayStation 2 was launched seven years ago in Japan at about $399. If you use inflation, it's the same price, approximately,” he said. “The important thing is you cannot announce a game console for the next ten years and not have Blu-Ray. It's an impossible scenario. I think they got that perspective right. The moment we put those consoles together it's going to be very clear. If I'm going to buy a next-generation game console, I'm going to buy a console with next-generation media. It's going to last 10 years.

“…I'm not sure how Microsoft is going to do in this transition. They are clever and they will figure out a way. I'll make a prediction that Xbox 360 can't possibly be a DVD-only device by Christmas of next year".

Takahashi then asked if Huang could see Microsoft relasing an Xbox 360 modification to compensate for its more constrained DVD format.

"I don't know how they will do it," Huang responded. "But I just can't imagine going to a store and saying that this console has a Blu-ray and this one has DVD. Remember Dreamcast?"

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