Friday, July 28, 2006

PS3 And Wii Main Priority For UK Retailers.

As we all are aware this holiday season see's the introduction of the Sony'sPS3 and Nintendo's wii, into the gaming market.Nintendo has already held a conference for the retail industry outlining launch preperations etc.

(MCV magazine broke the news a few weeks back).

As we speak Sony are currently in meetings with retail bigwigs outlining stage 2 for official pre order preperations.During the event GAME, GAMESTATION and VIRGIN megastore have informed Nintendo and Microsoft that the section 1 floor space instores are for Sony's PS3.

(MCV to publish story this week or next).

What this means is when you walk into a store the first format you will see is the PLAYSTATION brand.

In a further blow to Microsoft, GAME (the biggest games outlet in europe) have stated that Nintendo will have first option to purchase section 2, which means 360 sections will be moving to the back of there retail stores.

If that wasnt bad enough, Game will announce that Xbox 1 software will be slowly phased out by summer next year, due to abysmal sales since the launch of 360 and the increase of handheld sales.

In one final blow to Microsoft, The retailer have cut there ordering shipments of 360 down by a third due to increase of traded in 360 units. What this means is instead of ordering 1 million units, they will order 660,000 roughly.

(All details will published by MCV magazine in the next few weeks).

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PS3 Fan said...

Did't see this comin,neither did M$.Sony & Nintendo have just kicked M$ in the nuts(ouch)lol