Monday, July 10, 2006

New Details On Coded Arms Assault for PS3.

The upcoming Coded Arms Assault FPS game for the Playstation 3 will feature four-player co-op campaigns (with exclusive content, unavailable in the single player game), up to 16 multiplayer games, vehicles and downloadable content.

The hacker FPS game bears only the same name and theme of the original Coded Arms on the Sony PSP.

The producer of the game, Yasuo Daikai, spoke to IGN about the upcoming FPS.
From Daikai: "It is best to think of Coded Arms Assault as a new game with a shared theme of virtual reality.

However the stories are not related at all." Daikai also said the trailer shown at E3 was not pre-rendered, so it represents the actual in-game graphics.

Watch the Coded Arms Assault video shown at E3 below:

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PS3 Fan said...

This game looks awesome.