Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kaz Hirai: PS3 Will Keep PS2 Market Share By The End Of Next-Gen Race.

In a recent interview with, Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai said: "My plan basically is to make sure that we keep at least as much market share as we have had with the PS1 and the PS2. We don't plan on ceding any of the market share to our competitors, especially after the cycle has gone deep." This comments were about the Yankee Group report that puts PS3 on the top by the end of the next-gen race.

As a PS3 supporter we can't be more pleased. Sony commitment to keep or surpass their market share as it is right now, just confirm how serious they are taking the next-gen race, taking in consideration that X360 got 1 year head start.

Right now, they are keeping a low "PR" profile, saving the big guns for October I predict, 1 month before the worldwide launch of PS3.

Kaz comments about that: "Everything's pretty much on track. I just came back from Las Vegas where we we're still actually having our internal sales and merchandisers gather for basically four or five days of intense meetings. Everything from retail strategy to talking about the interactives, and how you can reboot it if your power goes out, so everything from nuts to bolts all the way up to the retail strategy. So we're internally really getting geared up to go to market with this beautiful console in three months' time, and at this point in time all signs are good to go."

Playstation Network Platform on-Line at launch

In other part of the interview, Kaz Hirai confirmed what was hinted when the people of Sega and Pseudo showed part of the multiplayer funcionality of Full Auto 2:Battlelines, using the Playstation Network Platform: "The plan is to take the console online on November 17th as we launch and I also assume as we launch in Japan on November 11th."

No PSP price drop

In what will make sad a lot of people, including myself, Kaz affirmed that no price drop for PSP is planned: "Again, [there are] no adjustments on the horizon as far as PSP goes. We're happy with the pricing, we're happy with the value proposition and we also just recently introduced what we call the core pack. I think that's a great value proposition to the consumer. So we have no plans to revisit the price at this point in time."

It's public knowledge that the only thing the keep PSP getting above DS is the price. PSP got the games, the style, the games again; it's a mp3-movie player, an emulator for older platforms,etc and I think that a price drop could benefit both PSP+PS3 getting in every house in America, Japan or Europe, like a perfect duo.


PS3 Fan said...

I still think the PSP price cut will happen at Xmas.I think it maybe to soon for them to say it just yet.

c412c6 said...

I really hope so Marty