Friday, August 11, 2006

SOE Acquires Worlds Apart Assets.

Sony Online Entertainment has acquired key assets of indie developer Worlds Apart Productions to form SOE-Denver.

Worlds Apart is a developer of online trading card games based in Denver, Colorado. Core members of the studio, which is responsible for the game Star Chamber, will form the new SOE-Denver. SOE president John Smedley said that the acquisition will help broaden his company's gameplay offerings.

"This is a way to expand SOE's business into a very attractive market that is consistently growing at a fast rate," he said. "With this acquisition, we've expanded the range of online games that SOE can offer, as well as offering entirely new play mechanics and activities that could be built into both current and future titles".

Worlds Apart's Collect! Trade! Play! platform also has the ability to integrate board or card games into existing SOE games. SOE could choose to publish standalone online board or card games from SOE-Denver as well.

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