Monday, August 21, 2006

Sony Reveal Pink PSP & PS2's.

Sony are following on the footsteps of Nintendo and the Pink DS by releasing a Pink PS2 with accessories.

Rather than show off the PS3 which it won't be doing at Leipzig later this week, instead consumers will be greeted by this rather bright console which will grace the Sony stand. The company is hoping to attract the niche female market in the same way Nintendo has successfully managed too with the Pink DS, when the Pink PS2 launches later this year.

"PS2 is the accessible, affordable way to enjoy new social, communal and interactive entertainment experiences, through software titles like SingStar, Buzz and EyeToy," said Dan Hill, PlayStation 2 European Brand Manager. "The Pink PS2 is funky, fresh, and fashionable, and will further broaden the console's continuing popularity and relevance with a fun new twist"

The console will cost £129.99 when it launches on November 8th, and will come with two Dualshock controllers and a memory card, all in pink with a copy of SingStar Pop thrown in for good measure.

Sony has had an overdose of pink. Pink paint that is. Not only have they revealed the Pink PS2 Shown above, but a Pink PSP is also being released on October 27th in Europe.

The pack will go on sale at £169 and you'll get the pink PSP, battery pack, AC adaptor, white headphones, pouch, wriststrap, 32MB Memory Stick duo and a bundled UMD which features plenty of pink content.

The pink Sony items comes as they team up with music star P!nk.

"The P!nk PSP launch is much more than just launching a new colour. It is about a confident and powerful attitude for young women.

The association with P!nk, a worldwide icon and musical chameleon, will enable PSP to push new boundaries," said Stephane Hareau, PSP Senior Brand Manager for SCEE.

The UMD content will be avaliable via for those who don't buy the pack.

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