Sunday, August 06, 2006

UK To Get First PS3 Magazine In August.

The company behind Play magazine in the UK, Imagine Publishing, has announced the first and currently only dedicated PlayStation 3 magazine in the UK. Titled Next3, the magazine will hit stands this August 10th at £4.

“The same makers of the PlayStation-dedicated UK magazine Play now presents you with a magazine that covers anything and everything about Sony's next-generation console. Next3, UK's first and only PS3-only mag, will offer in-depth news, previews and reviews of upcoming games plus a section that will highlight PS3’s multimedia and networking capabilities (i.e., Blu-ray movie reviews, online gaming and cutting edge technology)”, the announcement read.

There will be 13 issues of Next3 per year and the cover for the maiden issue has already been released- the issue will contain a 24-page feature titled “The future has arrived”. A September issue with a bonus DVD is already planned.

Competitors of Next3 will include the recently renamed PSM3 magazine which will feature the PlayStation brand and focus predominantly on the PlayStation 3.

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PS3 Fan said...

This will be the 1st of many mags for PS3.