Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Xbox360 Has 1% Of The Market In Japan.

During July 2006, the Xbox 360 represented 1% of the total console sales in Japan. On the software side, there were no Xbox360 titles among the top 50 best selling games. The image below says it all. The clerk doesn’t look happy either.

Japanese X360 sales have been catastrophic the past 6 months. During the first two months it was outsold by the GameCube, even the GameBoy Advance. The recent few months have been dominated by the Nintendo DS, selling more than all other consoles combined for the last week of July. Six of the top ten best selling games were for the DS platform.


Baz said...

Think the X360 is doomed to fail in Japan.

_lashing_ said...

It's been like this for quite a few years, so this doesn't suprise me.

PS3 Fan said...

Japan could be the market that decides the outcome of Nex Gen.