Monday, August 14, 2006

Sony's Prepping PSP Price Plunge.

Get set for some festive finger-twitching – Sony’s planning a price cut for the PSP, and reckons they’ll sell by the bucket load in time for Christmas.

At least that’s according to eagle-eyed analysts, who say Sony’s stockpiling thehandhelds ready for increased demand at the end of the year".

There is a price cut coming in the second half of the year," says P.J.McNealy, an analyst for American Technology Research, who says the PSP has “lost momentum” in the face of a “great run” for Nintendo's DS Lite.

Hopefully there’s some truth to the latest murmurings. The PSP’s cheapest package currently costs around £180 – that’s £80 more than Nintendo’s titchy touch screen, so it could clearly stand to shed a pound or two.

McNealy reckons Sony could price the PSP at $149 to boost demand, and that translates to a shade under £80 – the perfect challenge to Ninty’s palm-sized portable. Merry Christmas indeed!


Baz said...

Great news.I'll be bagging a PSP when it drops to £80.

Sam said...

Me too.