Thursday, October 26, 2006

Colin McRae: DIRT On PS3.

Rally games have been popular for years, and the Colin McRae titles have a reputation for being the cream of the crop. So after a 2 year rest the man is back with a new PS3 title. Some of the nice new touches we’ve seen before in other games - the 3D people in the crowd, for example, have been used in Project Gotham Racing 3 on the Xbox 360. But it’s still a nice touch. In fact given that this is a rally game, and so you will be racing solo against the clock for much of the time, it’s even more important to make the rest of the screen interesting.

The car graphics look lovely, and the damage model looks like providing a satisfying crunch when that tree jumps out of nowhere right in front of you. Take a look at these gorgeous screenshots.


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