Friday, October 20, 2006

'Wii-Beating' Motion-Sensing Tech Revealed.

CVG made an interesting visit this week to check out the unique wireless motion sensor system 'codename fusion', a multiplatform device from In2Games that allows true motion sensor tracking in a 3D space.

The device works using sound waves and other technical wizardry, and is able to track the precise absolute position and orientation of various wireless accessories, such as golf clubs, tennis racquets, baseball bats and bowling balls.

Comparisons to the Nintendo Wii are inevitable, but after going hands-on with fusion we found that it offers a much more advanced means of control than Nintendo's forthcoming console. Unlike Wii, fusion is able to accurately track movements even when the controller is not pointed directly at the screen, so the precise swing of a club is recreated perfectly.

We were also shown a prototype PS2-style controller that broke in half, allowing you to use the separate pieces to make motion gestures and execute moves on screen. "It's great that the world is waking up to motion sensor gaming," says Elliott Myers, Managing Director, In2Games. "Since we launched the world's first 3D motion-sensing games back in 2004, we've been developing this system for the next generation. Our goal is to allow everyone to enjoy this wholly immersive way of playing games, regardless of which gaming platform they own.

"We've got the best technology, with incredible functionality allowing developers to produce exciting new games specifically for the system - taking advantage of its unique features - or to allow titles which use motion sensing to be published on any platform. It's an exceptional proposition - for the industry and for consumers. We can't wait to begin showing it off".

Fusion connects to consoles using USB, so potentially it could be incorporated in any number of platforms, although for the sports software In2Games says it's currently targeting next-gen consoles. Launch is planned for Q3 2007 and pricing will apparently be "sub-£30".Check out the link below for our exclusive videos to see this truly intriguing tech for yourself.

Fortunately, we managed to edit out the moment when we accidentally hurled the tennis racquet at the screen.


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