Tuesday, October 03, 2006

PS3 Controller Named From Dual Shock To......

Six Axis. That's the official name for the PlayStation 3 controller.

Sony announced today its first accessories for the PS3, and included in the announcement was the name for the new Dual Shock, with the controller no longer featuring rumble, most expected the new name to do away with the "Shock," and sure enough, the final name of "Six Axis" reflects the motion-sensing abilities of the device.

Every PS3 will ship with one controller standard, but those who want multiplayer play will need to pick up an extra device. Sony also announced today pricing for extra controllers. In Japan, extra Six Axis controllers, model number CECHZC1J, will retail for 5,000 yen. This is a step up from current Dual Shock controllers, which tend to retail for just under the 3,000 yen mark. Converting to US dollars, the 5,000 yen price is approximately $40, although actual regional pricing tends to differ somewhat from direct currency conversion.

Sony also revealed today a few new bits about the controller. Each controller will have a Lithium Ion battery built in. You'll be able to connect to the PS3 via USB to charge the battery, with a single charge taking 30 minutes. And yes, you'll be able to play games while the controller is charging. It's unknown if Sony will be including a USB cable with the controller.

Stay tuned for further details on Sony's new PS3 peripherals.


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