Monday, October 02, 2006

PS3 Is Big In Japan.

This Godzilla of a kiosk is found at the newly opened Bic Camera in Kawasaki. There's four high-def Sony Bravia TVs, one on each side of the monolith. This one doesn't actually have any playable demos, but only shows a bunch of videos of up-coming games like Genji:Days of the Blade,Eye of Judgement,and Warhawk.

There's a smaller kiosk, however, down over at the Yodobashi Camera outlet in Akihabara. They're both running the same trailers. And facade-wise, both kiosks look almost the same. The only difference (really BIG difference) is, of course, the size.

While the unit isn't playable, the simple fact that a unit is already out there on a demo kiosk is such big news. As for kiosks in the US... Well... All we can do is wait... Everyone's got big hopes though.


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