Monday, October 16, 2006

eBay Pulls PS3/Wii Auctions.

According to Joystiq, San Jose-based eBay angered traders when it cancelled their PS3 auctions this week, and now it looks like they're cancelling Wii sales too.

We feel your pain, greedy b*stards console-camping entrepreneurs, but we've got to side with eBay on this one. None of the PS3s or Wiis that were preordered earlier this week were guaranteed for November 17th/19th delivery, and history's taught us that no console launch ever goes exactly according to plan.

This launch season looks no different from other launches for Sony. We've all got ample reason to be skeptical of Sony's ability to deliver plenty of the consoles to North America, given delay upon delay that's plagued the difficult-to-manufacture console. (On the other hand, rumor has it that Nintendo's stockpiling millions of its easy-to-manufacture consoles for the holiday season, but that still doesn't guarantee a trouble-free launch. Truckloads of consoles could go missing for instance).

It seems eBay has learned from last year's Xbox 360 launch fiasco in which retail stores that allowed unlimited preorders ultimately delivered far fewer Xbox 360s than customers were expecting. The result? eBay customers paid for items that opportunistic console campers had no chance of delivering in a timely fashion.

Don't hate on eBay. They're just being responsible. If and when you get one of these consoles in your hot little hands, list it then.


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