Sunday, October 15, 2006

Official Sony Flier For PlayStation 3.

At Digital Life event in New York, Sony was giving away to anyone was interesting an official PlayStation 3 flier. The flier describes the PS3 and its “super”-powers in eight great pages.(Click images to enlarge).

Page One - The Cover.

Page Two - Analyze the “PLAY B3YOND” slogan.

Page Three - PlayStation’s 3 hardware specifications.

Page Four - Blue-ray High Definition disk.

Page Five - backwards compatibility, Online Connectivity, PSP Connectivity and Multimedia.

Page Six - new SIXAXIS controller with motion sensitivity.

Page 7 - A comparison between PS3 Premium Package (60GB) and PS3 Core Package (20GB).

Page Eight - The Back Cover displaying the PS3 in different angles. is making available the flier to anyone that wasn’t lucky enough to attend the event.


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