Sunday, October 15, 2006

E3 2007 Dates And Location Revealed!

The new Electronic Entertainment Expo will be held July 11-13 2007 in Santa Monica, California. The convention will take place in the Barker Hangar and a number of hotels where only game developers, retailers, and press are allowed in. Some other events that will be held at E3 2007 will include Serious Games showcase and "Into the Pixel" art exhibit.

"By combining suite-based meetings with the software showcase in a controlled and business-like environment, we believe we will successfully fulfill our primary objective of giving high-level media the best of all worlds -- the chance to engage in highly personal, one-on-one dialogue with leading game company executives, as well as the chance to demo games on their own time and to check out offerings from both the best known and emerging game publishers and developers...It will also provide an excellent opportunity for meetings with retailers, developers and other audiences," said ESA president Douglas Lowenstein.

IGN reports that the hotels participating in E3 will be within walking distance of each other and the ESA will provide shuttle services between the Barker Hangar, hotels, and off-site press conferences.


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