Friday, September 29, 2006

One Lucky Tokyo Retailer Gets First PS3 Demo Unit.

Sony has taken another major step on its path towards releasing the PlayStation 3, with the Akiba Keizan Shimbun newspaper reporting today that at least one major Tokyo retailer has taken delivery of the first PlayStation 3 demo kiosk. At this rate, the system may actually make it out on schedule!

Accoridng to the paper, the multi-story Yodobashi Camera outlet in Tokyo's Akihabara district now has an actual PlayStation 3 unit on display. A monitor above the system shows trailers for games like Afrika, Genji, Heavenly Sword and The Eye of Judgment.

The system is strictly hands-off at this point, but the newspaper reports that customers were stopping to take a look before heading to the register to purchase Pokemon Diamond & Pearl for the DS.


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