Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Capcom Kills RE5 Exclusivity Rumors.

A spokesperson for Capcom said of the company’s highly-anticipated next generation action title, “Just to be clear, this is a multiplatform simultaneous launch on PS3 and Xbox 360".

Some Internet reports implied that the game may have become an Xbox 360 exclusive.

The status of Resident Evil 5 has been clouded in mystery over the past several months. The game was featured at Microsoft's X05 event and at E3 2005, but it didn’t make an appearance at this year’s E3 in May, or at Tokyo Game Show 2006 this month.

Capcom has become increasingly friendly with Microsoft and its Xbox 360. The publisher has seen success with the Xbox 360 action title Dead Rising and the upcoming Lost Planet is one of the more anticipated titles of the system.

That’s not to say that the PlayStation 3 is being left out in the cold. Devil May Cry 4 and a version of Monster Hunter are two Capcom titles that have only been announced for PS3.


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