Friday, September 29, 2006

PS3 Offers Superior Processing & Games.

Momma always told me you get what you pay for, and that's certainly true of Sony's latest, the PlayStation 3.

When it comes down to a simple system specs comparison, even Microsoft fanboys must admit that Sony has the edge in virtually all fields. From the massive 50-gigabyte storage capacity of the Blu-Ray disc, to the PS3's ability to broadcast in 1080p (the next best resolution to actually being there), Sony's latest brainchild has it all.

Granted, these technologies are still in relative infancy and 1080p isn't used widely with current media. However, gaming and video technology are moving at an incredibly rapid pace, and the PS3 is designed to anticipate these changes.

Of course, one cannot mention the PS3 without referencing what is supposedly its biggest breakthrough technology, the Cell processor. Though the processor clock speeds are comparable, the Cell technology is supposed to deliver double the floating point calculations per second of the Xbox 360's core (approximately two teraflops as opposed to one). In short, it is fast with a capital F.

For those game nerds who still have lots of friends, the PS3 has the ability to utilize 7 "Bluetooth" wireless controllers on the console at once.

Of course, even the most powerful system is worthless without good game content. A great deal of games do cross over to all the major platforms, which can make it hard to judge consoles in this category. Plus, the late release of the PS3 has kept us in the dark about what titles it will carry. But if I still had to sum up why the PS3 will be a contender, then I have only four words for you: "Metal Gear Solid 4." Add to that the complete backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 games, and the new console should have a fairly large library of solid games.

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