Monday, September 04, 2006

PSP Download Service Still On Track.

The bloke in charge of software platform development at Sony, Izumi Kawanishi has revealed that the PSP download service is still on track in an interview over at NikkeiBP.

Kawanishi revealed that PlayStation 1 emulation on the PSP is coming along as expected and that the software has no problems running on the PSP. The only issue at the moment is that some control systems may need changing as the PSP has only the one analouge stick. Both games and films will be downloadable onto your PSP via Wi-Fi enabled PCs or the PS3.

The rise in digital distribution, Kawanishi argued was that widespread Broadband means content can be delivered on a vast scale and at high speed.

The download service will launch when the PS3 is released on November 17th.

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