Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sony To Spend $30 Million On PS3 kiosks.

At the 2006 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Nintendo unveiled its "Playing is Believing" motto for the Wii, with the idea being that if gamers tried the console out, they'd be more eager to buy the machine. Now it seems as though Sony is adopting the same idea.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Sony Computer Entertainment America COO Jack Tretton said that 15,000 PlayStation 3 demonstration kiosks will be deployed to American and Canadian retailers over the holiday season. By contrast, only 3,000 demo kiosks were used for the PlayStation 2 launch.

The cost of the operation will be $30 million, reports Bloomberg. There's no indication whether or not that price tag includes the costs of the PS3 units themselves.

"Once the consumers get their hands on a PS3 and understand what's under the hood, I think price will not be a factor in the decision-making process," Tretton told the news service.


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