Thursday, September 14, 2006

Whats In The Wii Box.

And what can you expect to see inside the Wii box when it finally ships?

Here's a list:
Of course the console itelf, the Wii
Wii remote control strap attachment
The nunchuck controller (in the Nintendo site it's spelled as "nunchiyakukontorora". Cute, eh?)
Wii AC adapter
Wii AV cable
Wii stand
Auxilliary plate
Sensor Bar
Plug server stand
Three dry cell batteries

Of course, you can purchase the Wii accessories seprately. The Wiimote will sell around 3,800 Yen(US$32), the classic controller for around 1,800 Yen (US$15) and the Nunchuck attachment about 1,800 Yen (US$15).

The Wii's site is expected to go up really soon, as well as details on its overseas launch, so better stay tuned for that.

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