Friday, September 22, 2006

TGS: How Far Along Are PS3 Games At This Point.

Here is a listing of percentage completions for PS3 TGS titles. We haven't listed the games that don't have a percentage.

Virtua Fighter 5: 70%
Sega Golf Club: 70%S
onic the Hedgehog 3: 75%
Armored Core 4: 80%
Coded Arms Assault: 50%
Ridge Racer 7: 100%
Gundam Target in Sight: 80%
Gran Turismo HD: 50%
Warhawk: 50%
Unknown Realm: 30%
LAIR: 35%
Motorstorm: 60%
The Eye of Judgment: 70%
Genji: 70%
Resistance: 85%
Minna no Golf 5: 30%
Heavenly Sword: 65%

It should be clear which of these games is going to launch with the system, and which will likely keep us waiting. Ridge Racer 7, for instance, is already complete! Minna no Golf (aka Hot Shots Golf) on the other hand, looks like it won't be making it out at launch.

Stay tuned for impressions on all these games as the show continues.


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