Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sony Downplays Xbox 360 1080p Upgrade.

SCEA’s Dave Karraker wrote to games blog Kotaku, “…Microsoft's announced HD games patch is really just a compatibility feature -- upscaling lower-resolution content does not make it Full HD (1080p), something that PS3 can do out of the box".

Yesterday, prior to the Tokyo Game Show, which starts tomorrow, Microsoft announced that it would release a fall software update for the Xbox 360 that would enable 1080p resolution output for games and videos. Sony has been touting the PlayStation 3’s 1080p capabilities as “true HD,” insinuating that the Xbox 360’s 720p and 1080i modes were sub par. So far, no games have been announced for Xbox 360 that will be created in actual 1080p resolution.

Karraker also took a moment to address the upcoming HD-DVD add-on drive for the Xbox 360.

"It's unfortunate that Microsoft's external HD-DVD drive will not enhance the experience at all for the gamer,” he wrote. “Sony realizes that to truly take gaming into the next generation requires a larger data format for both games and movies. PS3 uses the Blu-ray format for gaming, giving developers 50GB of high-definition storage on a single disc, while Microsoft's 9GB DVD gaming format is an obstacle for storing HD content".

Rumors had floated around that the Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive would play HD-DVD-based games, but Microsoft shot down speculation earlier this year. Microsoft’s John Porcaro, group manager of online marketing communications stated, “I'm seeing lots of speculation about our upcoming HD DVD Player, and whether we have plans to publish HD DVD games. The answer is no".

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