Tuesday, September 12, 2006

HDMI To Go Wireless.

Wireless is the latest fad, and it looks like HDMI may soon follow as well. According to an article by, a Tzero Technologies and Analog Devices may have just made wired HDMI cables a thing of the past, even before they have become mainstream.

According to the article, the device requires the user to place a box at the video source and another behind the television. What is currently revealed is that it not only offers 95%% reliability and an error rate of less than 1 in one hundred million, but is also immune to interference from microwaves, phones, and the like.

Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 is one of the products which will feature HDMI, and no doubt, fans will be delighted to know that this new technology will go on sale this November, around the same time that the console launches. No pricing details have been announced yet, although it is known that if Tzero is successful in negotiating with manufacturers, a setup could cost up to GBP50.

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