Monday, September 18, 2006

Upgraded 'Oblivion' To Be PlayStation 3 Launch Title.

While talking about Oblivion and its suspected expansions, a 1UP Yours podcast host let it slip that Oblivion will be making its way to the PlayStation 3 and that it will be a launch title. Expect an upgraded PS3 version, as Blu-ray offers more storage for higher quality textures than both previous version's on PC or X360 would allow.

Oblivion making its way to the PlayStation 3 has almost been as hotly debated as the exculsivity of Asassin's Creed, with Sony fans claiming that it would be a matter of time before a PlayStation 3 version of the action RPG would be announced.

This seems to fit 'Sony's Secret launch game'previous clues offered by RadiOPM,the name of the game would be five words long and it was be a game which was previously not announced for the PlayStation 3. The full name of Oblivion is indeed five words long, "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" and the game has so far been an Xbox 360 exclusive when it comes to consoles.

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