Monday, September 11, 2006

Sony Reveals 60GB To 20GB Stock Ratio.

Details of the PlayStation 3's launch plans have been getting less rare lately, and SCEA has just announced that it plans to ship 800,000 units by January, making a total of 1.2 million PS3's for North America this year.

Sony had earlier revealed that it plans to launch with 100,000 units in Japan and 400,000 units in North America. So far, the launch numbers and an exact launch date for Europe remains unknown.

In addition to releasing its shipment plans, Sony also revealed that the stock ratio between the 60GB version and 20GB version will be around 80:20. More 60GB versions are to be expected, especially after the launch of the box 360 saw more demand for the Premium version than Core.

The PlayStation 3 will be launch on November 11th in Japan and November 17th in North America. The launch window for Europe has been set at march 2007.

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