Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Parabellum Announced For PS3.

Developed by Acony, Parabellum is the newest announced PS3 title which mixes strategy and first person shooting for the ultimate tactical action in gaming today.

So far, details are scarce on Parabellum, but what we do know is that the story takes New York City during a terrorist attack by the group "Black November". They are threating to blow the city to ruble if the US doesn't pull out its military from the middle east. Your mission is to stop them from detonating a 20 Megaton nuclear warhead in the city.

Basically you will be fighting terrorists through out all of New York City and it doesn't just stop there. From the looking at the screens, it looks as if you will be moving into the subway systems as well. ACONY descibes the single and multiplayer expeirence as '...campaigns which allow you to go anywhere. It is possibly the biggest online shooter environment ever created. Flank your enemy, prepare ambushes, decide when and where you attack. But remember that T:I:M:E is running out".

Parabellum is set to include 12 specific weapons with up to 10 modifications per weapon plus special items and equipment. A unique gameplay feature talked about is how the gear you carry will effect your movement and your abilities on the battleground.

More will be known on the title as development for the game continues. We will update you when Acony announces more later this year.

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