Thursday, September 14, 2006

EA Exec Says PS3 Dev On Track.

Electronic Arts' Chief Financial Officer Warren Jenson, has announced that his company's development of PS3 games is going well, and further along than development for the X360 was. "We feel real good about where we are. Relative to where we were with the X360, we're further along, but we're developing for a more complicated machine," he was quoted in an article as saying.Development for the PlayStation 3 is a topic which has both gamers and developers interested, the heart of the PlayStation 3, the Cell processor is both powerful and suspected by many to be tough to program for.

Recently, however, many developers have refuted claims that the machine was complicated, and companies such as Emergent have announced the name of engines which will aid developers in taking full advantage of the Cell.Current PlayStation 3 games which are being developed by Electronic Arts include the street racer, Need For Speed Carbon and NBA Live.

The PlayStation 3 will be launched on November 11th in Japan and November 17th in North America.

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